I have been an engineer in different capacities for most of my career. Studying industrial engineering in college helped me understand the real story behind systems thinking and production systems such as JIT, and Lean.

Later on, I did my master’s degree in business and IT management. Surprisingly, as someone with scientific management and Taylorism background, my favorite topic was Organisation Behaviour and Design. I found behavioral science and management a missing piece in building a high-performing organization.

My higher education was parallel to working in different tech companies as a software developer. It was the glorious days of “nerding out” with new technologies such as EJB, RPC, and Ajax.

After years of working as a software developer, I felt that the gap in our industry is more on the team and people leadership. For that reason, I decided to step up into leadership roles. After all, I had more control over our direction as a team. Understanding tech, behavioral science, and scientific management was a holy trinity.

Currently, I am the Head of Engineering at Trade Me in the Marketplace business unit. I am leading a team of fifty engineers. Our teams' focus is to build highly scalable B2B and consumer-facing applications. I am a technical manager specializing in continuous delivery, DevOps, and microservices architecture.

My passion is to build high-performing teams and product development methodologies such as design and lean thinking.

When I am not working, I hang out with my family on the south coast of Wellington, New Zealand, or train for the next running race.